Friday, July 18, 2014

Why Autism Research Is Not Helping

I am not saying research does not need to be done because the research needs to continue. However, the research does not help the children who have autism, now. I believe more money and time should be spent helping those that have the condition now. My son missed all the early intervention that everyone claims is so important.  He was not diagnosed until 5. My daughter was diagnosed by the school system at the end of 7th grade.

We enrolled him in Kindergarten at a Charter school. It was the only year around school at the time in our county.  His older sister was a student at the school. They said, "bring him back next year when he is older," as he had a summer birthday.  They kicked him out before Kindergarten even started. So, we enrolled him in our zoned school.  We thought things were fine until his teacher told us  in November that he was having trouble. I spent most of my time picking him up early from school even after his diagnosis.

He is twelve now, but he cannot button, snap, buckle or tie his shoes.  Yet, he can do advance math problems or riddles in his head.  He is great at science, but, struggles with reading.  He can talk, but has trouble communicating his wants and needs.  

We have not benefited in anyway from the research.  He will either live in assisted living or with us.   Schools rather have us home school our "problem" children as they call him.  He is to smart to be in a CDC class, but, does better in a one on one or smaller environment.  I have had principals bully myself and worse yet my child.  The supposed autism consultants are a laugh.  They sent our son to a brand new school without an aid or planning. and expected it to work, when they knew he didn't transition well.  I told them it would not work.  But, they ignored my concerns as usual.

Well, it didn't work and who did they blame myself and my child.  I have had principals chasing me down in the parking lot asking me if we were moving.  This was at the elementary level.  The higher up he went the worse it became.  From principals I heard, "He is in a regular class, I have to treat him like everyone else."

Last year was rough until they kicked him out of our zone school because of the lack of planning on their part. So, I am dreading the beginning of the school year.   There are no private schools that would take him even if we could afford it.  And home schooling would not work for us.

What we need is more programs and help for older children with autism.  While, the rate of autism is going up; the resources and help are not and their little to none of resources available. 

New Autism School To Open In Nashville - | Nashville News, Weather & Sports

New Autism School To Open In Nashville - | Nashville News, Weather & Sports  We need one for high functiong kids in middle and up as the public schools find them a nuisance.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

End of Year

It has been a rough school year for both kids.  My son had a rough transition to middle s school.  The school system decided he didn't need an aid f or middle school.  They sent him there with no support or transition support.  Then, got mad at me when it didn't work.  Later we found out he was getting lost.  I had told them that he was not ready for this environment.  He really does get sick a lot.  Our school system is so messed up.  They blamed me.  They told me to send Josh to juvinille center to scare him.

My daughter did nothing but eat, sleep, and do hoMework for the entire year.  And they wonder why she hates school.  They blame it on Joshua her brother.  But, she says that's not why she hates school.  She says the classes are boring and that the kids and teachers are mean.  Which, I believe.  I have met a free of those teachers.

I had a meeting at her school and they made me feel like a worse than dirt.   Thank goodness for my mother in law.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Three and Half Days of School Left

Joshua was diagnosed last Fridt,ay with another case of strep.  He has done well for the most part as far as school is concerned.
My daughter is just worn out academically.  Common core is a mess. and making things worse instead of better).
Three and half days and then we get a break for summer.  A short one as our school starts early August.  I will have a freshman in high school and a seventh grader.  Where did all that time go?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

18 and half days of school left

Well, we are expecting severe weather this week where we live.  The only problem with that is that our state tests are scheduled for this week.  I am so ready for this school year to be over.  I know must parents relish school days.
I do not anymore.  The kids have TCAps, a short week and half of reviews and then finals or EOC's.  It is to much testing.
While, both my children are smart.  Some students do not test well.  We are putting to much pressure on our children and the teachers.
We need to let the teachers share their love of learning instead of making them teach to the test.  We need to go back to 3 months off during the summer.  We need to let kids be kids instead of making them into lrobots.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Rough Start

Joshua said, "He didn't feel good, again this morning".  After breakfast, but, we played a game with him.  But, when it was time to get on the school bus.  He kept saying he was scared.  We finally got him on the bus.
Good Ending.  He made a 100 percent on his behavior goal for today.  Praise God!  

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Help. And the Truth I did not want to hear

Well, we are finally finding some help for our son who has autism, o.c.d., adhd, odd and 18 p minus.
Okay for those of you who don't know.  He actually has pdd-nos (possible Asperger's).  It means he has some but not all symptoms of high functioning autism.  O.C.D stands for obsessive compulsive disorder.  His is "Our my hands clean" all day.  Most of you know about attention deficit hyper activity disorder.  O.D.D. is oppositional defiance disorder.  18 p minus is rare chromosome disorder.

Joshua is a very smart but hyper boy.  He is mentally a professor and loves to learn and soaks up information like a sponge.  He is socially immature and often plays with children much younger.  He has trouble communicating feelings and any time he does not feel good his opposition comes out.

While at this doctor.  She told us he missed all the important early intervention.  Which, we already knew.  But, she told us he would never hold a full-time job.  He might could do a part-time job.  The key word being might.  While, I always knew in my heart this would be his case.  it was still hard to hear it.

But, Josh is back to his happy self for which I am thankful.  I love my happy, flappy boy.