Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bad Transtion and Rough school year

I told his i.e.p. team in March of fifth grade that he was not ready for middle school. There transition consisted of only a five minute tour of the new school.  I said, "He is not ready."  They sent him on his way to middle school because he is so smart and no child left behind ( a stupid law).  Sometimes children just aren't ready to move on socially or emotionally.
In August, our son who has multiple disabilities, but, is very bright had a horrible middle school experience.  He was refusing to go into the school.  He was so stressed out that he was literally making himself sick.  Nobody would help me all saying he was being defiant and needed to go to juvy.  I knew something was not right.  But, I did not know what.  The school, the autism team, and all parties involved refused to help me and him. They got mad at me because he wasn't doing well.
They bullied me into a meeting where they tried to say he was delinquent for missing so much school.  I had doctor notes.  He didn't not understand what they were saying.  Telling me doctor notes weren't good enough.  I tried explaining he had been really sick.  He gets sick a lot despite his o.c.d and constant washing of his hands.  And making us was our hands.
We called for an emergency i.e.p.  They switched him to a new school after much headache and going all the way up the chain in the board (which says the school system doesn't care). They decided to switch his schools and send him to the Why we try program.  A behavior program that he needed a long time ago.  This was after three months of struggle.
 It would be a few months later, that, I ran into an acquaintance whose granddaughter went to the same school before his transition to the new school.  She told me her granddaughter said, "he was getting lost all the time.  The autism team couldn't figure that out?  Simple solution would of been to give him the aid he needed, but, they are to cheap do the right thing.
I no longer have faith in our school system.  It has been an uphill battle ever since he started Kindergarten.  And the higher the grade the bigger the battle is.  Is it wrong to want what is best for my child?  No.  God created us all unique.  We have a new i.e.p. Tuesday and no I am not looking forward to meeting These people again.  I no longer trust them to do the right thing.
I will not sign anything this time.  I tried to worn them that middle school would not be right for him.  He doesn't transition well.  But, no they wouldn't listen to me.  I'm just his parent I don't know anything.
He is doing well now.  He has an aid thaat goes to every class with him and helps him.  It was all he needed.  While, I know something isnt right again because he is pretending to be sick, again.  /But, I do not know what is bothering him or what has changed.  Or if he is getting bullied by a teacher, a principal, or the students.

It is the beginning of 2013.  We have been through quite a bit since Joshua started Kindergarten.  He is now in the fifth grade without an aid.  So, lets do a recap.

At the age of four he had a lisp and we sought the help of a speech therapist at the school.  She told us he would grow out of it and there was no need for preschool program.  I knew something was wrong.

We signed Joshua up for Kindergarten at a local charter school, when he turned five.  His sister was in this school at the time.  It was the only year around school in our county at the time.

He was kicked out of that school on the second day of phase in day.  So, I signed him up for Kindergarten at our zoned school.  The same speech therapist tested him again.  This time her diagnosis was very different.  He had extreme pragmatic delays often found in children with autism.

So, our next step was to get a diagnosis so we could write an I. E. P.  So, after having the tests done by the school psychologist, we took her finding to a doctor.  He was diagnosed with ppd-nos and 18 p minus a rare chromosome disorder.
So, we started an I. E. P.  but any time Josh had trouble with school I was called to pick him up.  I felt he wasn't in school long enough to benefit from it.  He was once again being deprived of the education he craved and deserved.  I was frustrated and exhausted.  I thought there was no hope.

Then, the economy started getting bad.  Long story short we lost our house and had to move.  Our new place was in a different zone.  On our way out of school on the last day the principal chased us down and asked me if we were moving three times.  He obviously didn't want to deal with my son.

We moved into a local apartment complex and started a new school with the same aid he had last year.  He did better, but, still had behavior issues.  We went to another doctor as the first had retired.  Joshua was diagnosed with ADHD and OCD and ODD (oppositional defiance disorder).  We started medicine.  We tried just about everything and nothing seemed to work.  Finally, we found celexa which seemed to help.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Dreams about Autism

I dream of a world of understanding towards families living with autism spectrum disorders. I dream of a church that doesn't hide these children and pretend that they don't exist.
I dream of people understanding when my child acts up because he is sick and can't tell me what's wrong.
I dream of a Charter School for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders weather on the low functioning side or high functioning side. Because we all know the regular public schools don't want to deal with our children.
They make charter and Magnet schools for the smart kids. Why not for my son, who is smart but has behavior issues because of his pdd-nos and behavior conduct disorder-nos.
I dream of a day-care center for children with autism. So, that I can go to work and provide financially for my family.
I dream of an after school program for my child with autism.
No one wants to deal with our children. We are alone in this fight. Only God is with us. Thankfully, God is bigger than this world.
I dream of a sitter for special needs children, so that I might go out once in awhile. I can only dream of taking a vacation without the children. I dream of having a night alone with my husband.
But, most of all dream of my son going to school without his rights being violated.
He did not choose to have autism. He was given autism. His autism has given me a purpose. I hope one day to fill the need of my children, my family, myself and others like me.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fun with a box

videoOne of the symptoms of autism is the arm flapping.  Joshua flaps his arms when he gets excited.  Can you belive he has surgery this morning?  He is a trooper.  He is a good boy.  I am proud of him.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Money and Special Needs child

The problem with having a special needs child is that everyone wants your money. They some how think you have thousands of dollars to spend on things your child needs. PECs about 50 to over a hundred dollars. Special assistant dog 8,000 dollars does not include shots and vet fees. Special needs bicycles 3,000 and up. Where am I supposed to get all this money. We can't work because there are no day cares for our children. Diets and biomedical treatments beyond my calculations. The bottom line only the rich can help there children. ABA thearpy to expensive and not coveeered by insurance.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

18 P minus

18 p minus is a very rare chromozone disorder.  There is only a hundred and fifty known world wide.  We had no idea what this was until our son was diagnosed with it.  They were looking for other things.  If you google it, there will be 4 accurate results.  Up from two last year at the time he was diagnosed.

Christmas Time

Blessed with a caring and supportive family.